Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are references required prior to entering into a Tenancy Agreement?

Yes, we will require a bank, employers and previous landlords reference prior to entering into a Tenancy Agreement. However, we understand that a prospective Tenant may find difficulty in providing these should they not have rented previously or are self employed, in which case an alternative means of reference may be requested.

2. Some Landlords and their Agents charge for taking up references or preparing the Tenancy Agreement. Do you make such charges?

As a matter of course we make no charge unless any of the referees you put forward require payment to provide the reference to us. In such cases we would pass on this cost to the prospective tenant.

3. Do you require a Deposit?

Yes we require a full months rent and dilapidations deposit that is refundable at the end of the tenancy provided there are no rent arrears and you have complied with your tenancy obligations. These obligations are primarily that the property is returned in the same condition as let excluding normal wear and tear. The deposit is held by an independent "stakeholder" where in the unlikely event of there being a dispute on the return of the deposit they will adjudicate on the dispute.

4. Are the terms of my Tenancy clearly detailed?

We believe so. We enter into an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement with you under the 1988 Housing Act that is written in plain and clear language with no unintelligible legal terminology. We believe the agreement to be fair and balanced in respect of your rights and our rights and also lays down the length of your tenancy, which would normally be a minimum of six months.

5. What happens at the end of the initial Tenancy period if I wish to stay?

Assuming we both want the tenancy to continue we can either enter into a further written agreement under the same terms as before for a further set period, or the tenancy can continue on a verbal basis as a Periodic Tenancy under the same terms as previously agreed. In this circumstance you or we are entitled to a minimum two months notice to leave expiring on the monthly anniversary of the day you first moved into the property.

6. What would be my initial payment and when would further rent payments be due?

The initial payment, which we would need to be in cleared funds, would be one months rent deposit and one months rent in advance. Thereafter rent would be paid by standing order on the monthly anniversary of the day you originally moved into the property.

7. Other than rent do I have any further bills to pay?

Not from us. However you will be responsible for payment of all utilities/services bills relating to the property such as Council Tax, Electricity, Gas, Water, TV Licence and Telephone.

8. Do I have to apply for an electricity or gas supply to the property?

No, the property will be let with the water, electricity and gas, if installed, all connected so you can take up immediate occupation. To assist you we will notify these Utility Companies of your occupation as well as the Council Tax department of your Local Authority. As we are unaware of your TV or telephone usage we do not involve ourselves with this and you need to register with the provider.

9. Am I responsible for any repairs?

The tenant is responsible for keeping the property clean and tidy and for the regular upkeep of the garden, if applicable. You would also be expected to replace any everyday consumables such as light bulbs and batteries.

10. I have some of my own furniture, am I allowed to place it in the property?

All properties are let with white goods, furniture, carpets and curtains. Should you wish to provide either all or some items of furniture or white goods yourself all you need do is tell us prior to moving in and we shall take the items out that you do not require and place them in storage at no cost to you.